Memorable Quotations: Women Playwrights of the Past

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27 Quotes From Female Writers That Will Inspire You To Create Something Magnificent

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The Play That Goes Wrong. Shakespeare In Love.

The Audience. Rather than simply experimenting with the style and substance of their plays, playwrights began to question the actual purpose of theatre, alongside the role of the audience. Antonin Artaud was one of the big figures of the European avant-garde, and his theories about what he called the Theatre of Cruelty were to have a huge impact on the world of theatre. Artaud was inspired by an intensely physical Balinese dance performance, and developed the belief that theatre should not be a detached display in front of a passive audience.

In his book The Theatre and Its Double, he called for a theatre that favoured action over language, and that would almost assault its audience in order to inspire them into action. While he was never really able to bring his theories to life, Artaud inspired a generation of playwrights to come, and particularly Samuel Beckett and Jean Genet owe a lot to his work. Jean-Paul Sartre is known as a French existentialist philosopher and political commentator of the 20th century, as well as the long-term partner of fellow intellectual Simone de Beauvoir.

Sartre was the figurehead of existentialism, which became an important movement following the Second World War, emphasising the fundamental freedom humans have to define their own meaning in life. Rather than solely writing academic works, Sartre put forward many of his philosophical ideas in plays and novels.

No Exit is one of his most celebrated plays. Set in the afterlife, three characters find themselves in a mysterious empty room, discovering that their punishment is to be locked up together for eternity. One of her first big hits was Art , a comedy about an argument between three good friends, after one of them buys an expensive and completely white painting. Many of her plays are based around this same theme of bickering adults.

This includes God of Carnage , about two couples who are forced to confront each other after a fight between their sons. Critics award more 4 and 5 star ratings to plays with casts of their own gender. Male Directors and Writers command bigger stages and higher ticket prices.

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Read the full PDF report here. Australian Writers Guild Survey. In a recent survey they found some important indicators concerning the career opportunities for Australian writers, and commented on the gender disparity in theatre productions -. Julia Jordan and Marsha Norman reveal the results of " The Count" - an ongoing tally of works by womne playwrights produced by professional theatres in the USA. Lucy Kerbel of Tonic Theatre, which has been in the forefront of trying to instigate change, noted that she had never been to a theatre gathering that was not specifically about gender where the issue was raised so much.

Theater Needs To Pay A Lot More Attention To Female Playwrights | HuffPost

Read the full article here. Equity in Theatre is a multi-pronged and multi-stakeholder initiative designed to help redress and rectify existent gender inequities in the theatre industry. As a first step, EIT engaged Dr. Michelle MacArthur to generate a preparatory research study, the purpose of which is two-fold: Are you wondering how women fare in the current climate, and what can be done to help improve the situation?

Check out the EIT report to find out! With this report, and a new online presence, Equity in Theatre will continue to foster dialogue on an inter national scale, develop social actions that will help effect change, and generate greater awareness of and exposure to Canadian women in theatre.

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To find out more, visit the EIT website www.