Extraction Optimization in Food Engineering (Food Science and Technology)

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Supporter Journals. Submit to the journal now. Click to read the full overview here. Abstract Astragaloside IV had antitumor effects via regulation Nrf2 in vivo. Open access. Abstract Lonicera japonica is one of the most important natural sources of chlorogenic acid and other active compounds, which is focused on flower buds. Lonicera japonica leaves could be used as the cheapest raw materials for polysaccharide recovery.

The recovery of these valuable components from the leaves could improve the economy for plant polysaccharides and minimize the waste of natural resources. Abstract Proper grinding is more conducive to reduce particle size and improve alkaloid content. Both particle size and grinding process played an important role in the properties of BFU powders. The application of superfine grinding in BFU powders exhibits positive significance in terms of increasing the bioavailability of BFU and saving material resources.

Abstract Rice grains are rich in antioxidant compounds. Black rice varieties emerge as those exhibiting the highest antioxidant activities, followed by purple, red, and brown rice varieties.

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Insoluble compounds appear to constitute the major fraction of phenolic acids and proanthocyanidins in rice, but not of flavonoids and anthocyanins. Find all citations in this journal default. Or filter your current search.

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Journal of Food Science and Technology [30 Apr , 52 6 ]. Abstract In present study, response surface methodology was used to optimize extraction condition of phenolic compounds from licorice root by microwave application. Experiments were designed according to the central composite rotatable design.

The results showed that extraction conditions had significant effect on the extraction yield of phenolic compounds and antioxidant capacities. Results were compared with those obtained by soxhlet extraction. Value of phenolic compounds and extraction yield of licorice root in microwave assisted MAE , and soxhlet were Ketenoglu, O.

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Multi-objective optimization of molecular distillation conditions for oleic acid from a rich-in-fatty acid model mixture. Journal of Oleo Science. Mathematical modeling for virtualization in food processing.

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Bobus Alkaya, G. Determining the optimal shaking rate of a reciprocal sterilization system for liquid foods: a computational approach with experimental validation. Food and Bioproducts Processing.

A computational study on heat transfer characteristics of particulate canned foods during end-over-end rotational agitation: effect of rotation rate and viscosity. Sayar, S. Partial substituion of sodium chloride by potassium chloride in bread: effect on dough and bread properties.

Surface decontamination of whole-shell eggs using far-infrared radiation.


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Uyar, R. Computer simulation of radio-frequency heating applied to block-shaped foods: analysis on the role of geometrical parameters. Experimental determination of penetration depths of various spice commodities black pepper seeds, paprika powder and oregano leaves under infrared radiation. Radio-frequency thawing of food products: a computational study.

Effect of volume on power absorption and temperature evolution during radio-frequency heating of meat cubes: a computational study. Experimental determination of thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity of whole green unripe and yellow ripe Cavendish bananas during cooling.

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Boz, Z. Effects of mesh refinement, time step size and numerical scheme on the computational modeling of temperature evolution during natural-convection heating. Kirit, B.