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Duo Security is now a part of Cisco About Cisco. Firewall configurations that restrict outbound access to Duo's service with rules using destination IP addresses or IP address ranges aren't recommended, since these may change over time to maintain our service's high availability. Before proceeding, you should locate or set up a system on which you will install the Duo Authentication Proxy. The security of your Duo application is tied to the security of your secret key skey. Secure it as you would any sensitive credential. Don't share it with unauthorized individuals or email it to anyone under any circumstances!

The Duo Authentication Proxy can be installed on a physical or virtual host.

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Ensure that Perl, Python 2. Depending on your download method, the actual filename may reflect the version e. View checksums for Duo downloads here. Follow the prompts to complete the installation. The installer creates a user to run the proxy service and a group to own the log directory and files.

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You can accept the default user and group names or enter your own. The Duo Authentication Proxy configuration file is named authproxy. With default installation paths, the proxy configuration file will be located at:. The configuration file is formatted as a simple INI file.

Section headings appear as:. The Authentication Proxy may include an existing authproxy. For the purposes of these instructions, however, you should delete the existing content and start with a blank text file. We recommend using WordPad or another text editor instead of Notepad when editing the config file on Windows. In this step, you'll set up the Proxy's primary authenticator — the system which will validate users' existing passwords. Add the following properties to the section:. For example:. To further restrict access, specify the LDAP distinguished name DN of a security group that contains the users who should be able to log in.

Other users will not pass primary authentication. For advanced Active Directory configuration, see the full Authentication Proxy documentation. Then add the following properties to the section:.

The mechanism that the Authentication Proxy should use to perform primary authentication. This should correspond with a "client" section elsewhere in the config file. This parameter is optional if you only have one "client" section. If you have multiple, each "server" section should specify which "client" to use. View video guides for proxy deployment at the Authentication Proxy Overview or see the Authentication Proxy Reference Guide for additional configuration options.

Alternatively, open the Windows Services console services. If the service starts successfully, Authentication Proxy service output is written to the authproxy. If you see an error saying that the "service could not be started", open the Application Event Viewer and look for an Error from the source "DuoAuthProxy". The traceback may include a "ConfigError" that can help you find the source of the issue. Each text box supports lookup values. Credentials profile settings must be configured before the VPN profile settings because the VPN configuration refers to the credential that was just configure.

Also, some of the configuration settings described here are not applicable to all device platforms.

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You can confirm that the VPN certificate is operational by pushing a profile to the device and testing whether or not the device is able to connect and sync to the configured ASA firewall. If the device is not connecting and shows a message that the certificate cannot be authenticated or the account cannot connect to the ASA firewall, then there is a problem in the configuration.

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Find the last certificate that was issued and it should have a subject that matches the one created in the certificate template section earlier in this documentation. If there is no certificate then there is an issue with the external CA, client access server e. Confirm that the address of the VPN endpoint is correct in the Workspace ONE UEM profile and that all the security settings have been adjusted for allowing certificate authentication on the firewall.

ASA verifies that the device identity certificate came from the same CA as its own identity certificate and both were signed with the CA's certificate. The device can now securely access internal enterprise resources. Use an external CA server.


A standalone CAs doe not allow for the configuration and customization of templates. Complete the steps necessary to configure the external CA and ASA firewall to create a trust using certificates and configure a remote access connection profile and tunnel group so that IPSec VPN certificate authentication can be used by your VPN clients to gain access into your enterprise network. Select Add and complete the settings.

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Server Hostname Enter the host name of the CA server. Authority Name Enter the actual CA name.

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Authentication Select Service Account so the device user enters credentials. Additional Options None.

watch Select Add. Complete the certificate template information. Setting Description Certificate Authority Select the certificate authority that was just created from the certificate authority drop-down menu. Private Key Length This value is typically but must match the certificate template used by the external CA. This value is used for extra unique certificate identification. Automatic Certificate Renewal Has certificates using this template automatically renewed before their expiration date.

If enabled, specify the Auto Renewal Period in days. Enable Certificate Revocation Has certificates automatically revoked when applicable devices are unenrolled or deleted, or if the applicable profile is removed.